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Wow! This song is so fun to listen to. I feel a bit of Boards of Canada's beats and samples mixed with the upbeat, light-hearted, strolling-through-the-park-on-a-beauiful-summer-day-feeling of Caribou's album "Up in Flames." Good stuff, man!

I remember this track from my days working at my college radio station... i'd completely forgotten about it. thanks for this blast from th past!

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always loved this track... so laid back, pure late 90's radiopsych.

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very cool space! I love your taste and it looks like it'd be so much fun to poke around in there... I used to live in DE but am now in VA, but if I ever go back that way to visit family I'd love to see it in person :)

luckily though, here in Virginia I found your Cupcake chardonnay at the grocery store for $8.99 (such a lovely treat to be able to buy wine where I can get cat litter and tampons too!).... I was intrigued by your love of it ( and its pretty bottle I must admit) so snagged a bottle... thanks for the heads up :) cheers!

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