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whats that avatar??? flash or what???

and about the post that weird music is the best i love the kind of cd's of you haave and you know no one else in the world have it!!! that amazing

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i like the landscape of you picture archives... great view and a beautiful light... your post was funny maybe you should copy the cd and send me the music to see what are you talking about...

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I might even throw a little Kallikak Family in there, just to make a sort of hipster four-play.

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Grizzlt also live in Alaska I seen them personaly.

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It doesn't matter is the rainbow is on a poem, a cake , a draw in the wall, in our hair , in the sky or in any other place is always beautiful to see all those colors.

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They remind me of Parsley Sound first, in
their hushed Simon and Garfunkel-esque vocals.

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Do not get your girls wear a plain white bridesmaid dress on stage in order to avoid distracting.

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I myself is too scared to get in front of these giants. Camping is fun, but you should also be aware of these bears coming after you.

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