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hey you

from digg

hey i just happened on your site and smoeone else said they read a big chunk of it

weell i came here hoping for something good

but overall its just not that attention grabbing

old farts and boring records (a quick scan)

[robosexual sez: welcome to the internet!]


I just bought the most recent LP yesterday - amazing stuff.


"accessible noise rock"? nice oxymoron, breaux.

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So I have been playing for around 6 months and been taking lessons, but still there are only a handful of songs I can play through. I know some like Purple Haze, but certain parts I just can't play yet, yet I can play through a number of Beatles and U2 songs easily. I also know parts of Crazy Train, Back In Black, and Iron Man. I am still working on being able to play all these songs through, but I was wondering what are some easier songs to expand my repertoire while I continue to work on these hard ones.

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The second track doesn't fare nearly as well, mainly due to the emo vocals.

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After purchasing and enjoying last year's beautiful full length debut by underground metal legend Justin K. Broadrick's newest project, jesu (intentionally spelled lower cased), I was naturally excited to see what the band's newest expression of emotion and melancholy would bring.


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Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.

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