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graig markel

woo woo! everyone jump on the psych train!

Joe Randazzo

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Wanz Dover

I am the founding member of The Falcon Project. I stumbled across your page. If you would like a copy of our 2 albums I would be more than glad to hook you up. Just contact me through my myspace page or email. Thanx for the kind words.


[robosexual sez: that's so cool! I'm totally doing it.]

who cares

this was a bloody horrible write up.

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I was just being dramatic ;-) It seems that tourists are mostly grumpy no matter where they are from. I know tons of sweet Canadians! The grumpy ones are the ones who drive 6 hours from Canada to buy TVs in America. Then they come to Starbucks...

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Like a cross between The Jesus & Mary Chain and Bardo Pond, they have a sound that is classic and easily placeable yet relatively distinctive.

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Do not get your girls wear a plain white bridesmaid dress on stage in order to avoid distracting.

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Paul Smith

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