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This is exactly what I'm looking for...thanks, it's fantastic music.

Don't usually comment on these things but i think you hit the nail on the head with this review and found exactly why this is a great album despite some of it's obvious inaccessabilities.

They recorded the first half of the album seperatly from the second half; in fact, they almost quit because they couldn't get the first half down. So saying that the music simply flowed from them would be misleading; they really struggled to produce Cryptograms

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So, Yesterday,
Canada Goose, I was on Joe Konrath’s blog as a guest blogger and I was completely overwhelmed by all the kind words people had for me in the comments section. In my post I talked about what I’m excited about now and what’s next… mentioning things like book trailers and doing audio books.

Speaking of audio books, I just signed the contract and sent the deposit for the Save My Soul audio book. Chet will be narrating again. I hope he’ll want to narrate my books until he’s old and his voice totally goes because he’s a great voice actor and really I think narrates in such a way that “fits” with the writing canada goose jacket. I’m very lucky to have him narrating and bringing the work to life in audio.

And then today, Amanda Hocking gave me a shout out on her blog, which is pretty awesome. When people talk about indie authorship and indie success stories the first two names that usually come out of their mouths are Joe Konrath and Amanda Hocking, and over this weekend I got to guest blog at Joe’s place and be shouted out at Amanda’s place Callaway X-24 Irons, and both people had lovely things to say about me.

And the commenters at both places were really awesome as well.

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