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thank you


honestly...this isn't about mouse on mars

but generally...i've been looking back to ur older entries since i first found ur site just a month or two ago when u reviewed yume bitsu and tarentel....leaving hundreds of bands behind

and i instantly caught site of the signature Low Level Owl feather album covers....and i just have to say that i'm really glad that u've found favor in them and spent the time to praise them so

cuz appleseed cast is probably my single most favorite band....or at least way way up there out of the many bands i enjoy

they were the first indie band i heard and they totally changed my life....if u ever get the chance to listen to their other albums (if u haven't already)...definitely do so....they aren't as divine and epic as the LLO volumes...but they definitely carry the awesomeness of the appleseed cast (except the very first album "End of the Ring Wars" =|...not a big fan of their screamy punk debut)

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