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Really? I never heard about this before. My copy has the long two-minute drone at the beginning, but I'm glad to know in case I ever need to buy this again, since my copy is all scratched up from listening a million times.


I didn't realise you were back and posting!!
Always a pleasure to read this site


your site has also been mentioned here

Kwan the Destroyer

Are you sure there were two versions issued? It seems odd that KRS would ever want to force some sort of artistic change on their artists.

Kwan the Destroyer

It's even 5:52 on itunes. Great post - but I think you may have some bad info. Great site, though. Anyone who posts about Unwound gets an A++++++ from me.

Dr. Health

It turns out that it is an e-bow resting on a guitar, and the noise
at the beginning is simply the recording track spinning up to speed.

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