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nice posting Augie March are a unique and special band. have to disagree about sunset studies though, i think its just as good as strange bird, in fact for me the only difference is that the playing on strange bird is more concise. before the two albums there were two mini albums. Tthanks For The Memes" sprawls a bit musically while the follow up Waltz is the true start of the bands vison. both are essentual as is the brilliant new album Moo You Bloody Chorus and i should also mention the superb dvd collection from last year which includes a full concert with a horn section, all the promo vids and other live delights. Like Daryll Ann, The Mutton Birds and Sugarplatic, Augie March are special and deserve all the exposure they can get.

>>Thanks for the info - I'll check those out! -robosexual


Hey Augie March are just wonderful, there so differnt, im so glad there getting as much publicity as they are beacuse they deserve it. I'v had "Moo You Boody Choir" for a while now and although you need to listen through it a few times there some great tracks on there such as the most well known one "One Crowded Hour" and also "Just Passing Through". I saw them play at a free gig in Melbourne, Aus a couple of weeks ago and they were so awesome. Really hoping to see more of them in the near future. =)
Alyce xx

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The standouts stand out more, though, and they're great.

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