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The Crew Cuts version was used in the movie Clue. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088930/

Good find.

the crew cuts version is the original


Actually....the Chords wrote it and their version was the first; the Crew Cuts covered it later and had a bigger success with it!

[thanks for the hot tip! - robo]

Pat Barrett

I'm glad you like our version the best of Shboom. Unfortunately there are only 3 of our group left. Rudy, the ballad singer, passed on in May 2004.
I live in Southern NJ, John lives in Lousiana, and Ray currently lives in Las Vegas but is planning a move to Seattle.
Thanks for the plug.Pat Barrett

[Robosexual sez: Aaa! One of the fellows from the Crew Cuts contacted me! Thanks for reading, Pat, and thanks for making music!]


Sorry, but the three mp3's are the same :-(

Bob G

During the mid 1970's I worked with Pat Barrett of the Original Crew Cuts . He was a new car salesman at a Datsun dealership in Totowa N.J. He was one of the nicest guys you ever wanted to meet . I still think about him to this day . He was really too nice to be selling cars .
It was good to see him on PBS still singing .
Bob-The Parts Mgr.

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What modes do I use to solo over what chords in Jazz?
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Peter Renardo

I have the original Cat 45 of Sh-Boom by the Chords, who also wrote the song. I also have a reissue Atlantif 45 of this song, but listing the name of the group as the Sh-Booms, which they eventually changed their name to, when they found out there was another more-obscure group already calling themselves the Chords. First, they changed their name to the Chordcats, and finally the Sh-Booms, but they are still the Chords and the originators of this great doo-wop song. Pete

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