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Nice job on the contra theme. I'd actually like to use the mp3 and credit you as the source. How do you want me to credit you (name, link to webpage, pseudoname), or would you rather I directly credit Konami and Nintendo?

[Robosexual sez: I didn't make it! :) Just credit Konami. Include a link to the page if you feel like it.]

Oliver Cobman

I´m from Ecuador, and I am a great admirer he gives the music he gives the ancient games, they put him love when ,por example musicians composed them he gives castlevania, batman, ninja gaiden 1 the guardian legend ,de nintendo, I wait somebody expert he gives the topic he answers me if he remembers these wonderful melodies, and as finding covers he gives them.
And by the way, I have a complete album gives different versions gives the topic gives the DR.Wily stage, it is one gives the best gives all the times, and a vocal version exists in japanese!, it is incredible, you should listen to it!

Free Burning Software

What's the best free software to burn these to Cd anyway?


wow ))
its very point of view.
Good post.
realy gj

thx :-)


Dude all of wai wai world 2 pleeeeeeease

nintendo roms

This music brings back so many memories thanks for posting !

Σπιριτος Ἀσπερ

Very nice,
I ripped the megaman songs off my NES emulator. and I did it exactly the same way as you did, when I listened to the songs, it was like I heard my own versions.

Later I edited the spawn and pause menu sounds out, but its still very similar.

Good job!

Matt Morey

Excuse me, I have a request, I know you said you didn't like the Dr. Wily music from Megaman II, but I did, I really enjoyed it. Could you record all of the last levels except for the very last one that doesn't have any music. (The cavern level where there's acid dripping from the ceiling. This is where you fight dr. Wily.) I could do it myself, but My nintendo no longer works and is completely out of commission. Would you be willing to do that for me, Please?

Thank you,
Sincerly Matt Morey from South Portland, ME


you are awesome. these are what i have been looking for since i can't even remember. i hate it when i come up with some midi knockoff that sounds horrible. what stinks is i have a mac so none of the good ways to get the tunes work for me.
Tetris music
Ice Hockey (opening, team select, intermission)
Kung Fu
More Mario Bros from 1 and 3


you are awesome! i have been looking for these for awhile and they work and sound great. requests:
ice hockey
more from Mario 3
duck hunt


ZOMGWTF!!1! u hate dr wily U BASTARD!!! but thank u very much for other jams! pleez add dr wily stage one...

Battle City Nes

Intro sound to Battle City for NES was so kewl.


Thank you for sharing this cool list. Super Mario 3 was my favourite game. It reminds me of good memories.

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In my humble opinion is the best console out there, the others simply follow the way when Nintendo has innovated in the market with games like Mario Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong has always topped the list of the games number one, my respect for Nintendo.


excellent series of video games, excellent graphics plot, the story without hesitation its heyday was the Nintendo 64 with the legend of zelda the Okarinas of time, excellent blog.


I'd like to request the Super Pitfall soundtrack. I can't find it anywhere online.


I'd like to request the Super Pitfall soundtrack. I can't find it anywhere online.

Jordan 1

One song can spark a moment. That sure is a beautiful song.

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How can I go about this?. I would appreciate advice from a music teacher in the public school system or other music teachers. No jokes, serious only please. Thank you.

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After reading EB's comment (Kudos for putting that truth out there.) I wonder if the answer to getting students to dive deeper into resources is to use wikipedia as a starting point and a platform to dive deeper from?

Mario Games

Awesome! I love these chiptune music, reminds me of the good old day of nintendo. Had so much fun on it.

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I am not aware of them - so just tell me, Konami, if I am outside of my rights here.

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Its great that you have all 3 songs from rad racer, You dont by any chance have the 2 songs from Rad Racer 2? I cant find them online or on the web.

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