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OMGWTFLOL. How could you not like Dr. Wily stage one!?!?

And if you like the Advantage and the Minibosses, check out the NESkimoes.

Nintendo Employee

nice work and your not violating any laws so nice... and id like to request ridleys lair song from metroid, not the boss fight w/ him just the lair, and same thing w/ kraid's and torvius

son of mario

well -- I've now had the SMB song in my head for months now after visiting this site. Went and learned it for the piano so that everyone can hear it with me. Fiance is now ready to leave me cuz I play it so much and asks why I don't like classical music...lol. Another good song -- Rad Racer, I think the third song choice. I lost my Rad Racer and can only hear it in my head, and what I've hacked out on the keys. Do you have it..?


I want the entire Blaster Master soundtrack! its IMPOSSIBLE to find it online.

Adam Neuman

How'd you do the NES stuff?

Can you do them in MPEG?

You must have a very good tape recorder.
Or telling everyone to be quiet im taping.

... why do you listen to MP3's when there are NSF files out there? Check out www.zophar.net/nsf and download the entire soundtracks instead.


I want MP3's because I wanna put those songs on a CD. Geez.


You'd get better quality just converting NSF --> WAV and burning to CD instead of NSF --> MP3 --> burn CD. Just a little better, though. Not like you NEED mp3s to burn a cd of NES music... get a NSF plugin for winamp, then play and save the output to wave file. Then burn it.

If you do that, I suggest either NEZPlug or Festalon for the best emulation. Might be newer and better players now, though.

Geez. ;-)

BlasterMaster addict

Wonder where I can find the rest of the levels from Blaster Master. I feel like the beats + music from that game are way beyond most other video games from the NES era.

Pixote Andolini

also I have the RockNes emulator for my G4 laptop and can play Blaster Master. My question is this; connecting my laptop to speakers while running the emulator - how could I go about recording from the emulator, preferably in digital format. I noticed that the music will only play while I'm currently in the program (it auto-pauses when I click out to desktop or another client...)

Pedro Garcia

Its great that you have all 3 songs from rad racer, You dont by any chance have the 2 songs from Rad Racer 2? I cant find them online or on the web.


hey, how about the music from Rockin' Kats?

oh, and check out Game Over ( www.nintendometal.com ) for some more great songs.
and ocremix if you didn't already know about them


Lovely to find Rad Racer here. The NSF file is seemingly hard to find. I found an obscure NSF file (Mystery Quest) at http://gilgalad.panicus.org/ which seems to have an assortment of NSF files. Nice to find a collection in addition to Zophar.

>>Thanks for the tip, always good to have extra sources! - Robosexual


If you can,could please put up Dr.Wily's Stage theme #1 from MegaMan 2?
I know,you hate it...but I love it and would appreciate it!
Thanks man!

>>I'm afraid I'm abroad right now, but I'll see what I can do. I have a feeling AudioHijack and game genie will be involved unless I can get an nsf player for mac...


Here's a link for those looking for rad racer 2 music. Coast to Coast is on here.


[cool. loads of stuff there, all midi though.]


HOW DID U FOUND THE MUSIC, ive been trying to find the original midis as u got them....could u tell me ur source? =D

[dude, I recorded these straight out of an NES emulator. But there's a better way, look in the "how to" section there at the bottom of the post.]

Dante Aranda


Benjamin Tremain

This is what I originally came to see when I got your site off of Google by searching nes music. Just thought you may wanna know.


if you like this, you LOVE MEGA RAN!!


[robosexual sez: I'm afraid to check out the link.]


robosexual: you sir, are a god. Not only do you have the entire Blaster Master soundtrack up for download, but you showed me how to easily get an mp3 file of just about any NES song. Here is the process:
1) Get VirtuaNES from your link.
2) Get the NSF files for the games you want from your link.
3) Use the wave output function of VirtuaNES to get a wav file of the track you want.
4) Use any wav-mp3 encoder (I use foobar) to make an mp3.
5) (Optional) use a sound editing program to splice and edit your sounds.

So in return, here are two cool NES music related things you might enjoy:
1) Quite well done NES rap. You have to love meganerd: http://www.ytcracker.com/nes/
2) Some cool remixes of NES songs, including blaster master and megaman: http://www.ocremix.org/system/nes/

[robosexual sez: thanks for the excellent comment. I encourage any people hitting this page to check those links out too. OCRemix has good stuff.]


Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!! Will you included songs from megman 1, 3 and songs from the Dr. Willy stages from megman 2

sounds quality is perfect . . . those rad racer songs brought back some memories! thanks!

www.gh.ffshrine.org has TONS of nes 8 bit goodies

I'm lookin for the Univited soundtrack for nes ..... Any one know where this can be found?


thanks so much for posting these. that's exactly what i was looking for!

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